Branch in Cape Town Now Permanent!

As of November 2017 we have a permanent treatment room in Cape Town!

Kelman has been giving treatments in Cape Town at various places for a week a month for a couple of years now already. He started at a gym in Kloof, and after an interval of a couple of years used a room in the house of friends in Newlands. But now we have our very own room on the first floor of the Grove Building in Claremont, right next to Cavendish Square.

No sense in it only being used for a week in a month and standing empty for three quarters of the month, so Marlene moved to Claremont  at the end of February and is busy building up the Cape Town Branch of our business there.

She works at a health shop in Cavendish Square, The Good Stuff, for three days a week and runs the Natural Health Centre the other time. She is available for treatments from 8am till 8pm during those times she is not at the health shop.

Kelman is still based at our main branch in Worcester and only comes through to give treatments in Cape Town usually the 3rd week of every month. Our schedules for Cape Town and Worcester for the current month is available here.

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