Benefits of Getting a Treatment

What you Gain by Coming for a Wholistic Alignment Treatment

Our full body Treatment is SO much more than just a massage, so it stands to reason that there will be more gained by coming for one!

First of all, we focus on wholistic principles and treat you as a full being, not just on a physical level. This by itself puts the treatment in a totally different category. So you will gain from it on all levels, mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well as it will restore balance in those areas. This is actually where most problems reflecting in the physical body comes from, your mental and emotional state. After the treatment you will feel calmer, more relaxed and as if a load has dropped off your shoulders. Everything in your body will function better as the treatment restores harmony and balance in all 11 body systems.

Now lets look at what will happen for each of the modalities we do specifically.


Spinal Alignment & Adjustment

This is a physical alignment and soft, gentle adjustment of the spinal column and vertabrae.

How does it help you if you are Re-Aligned?

  • Nerves won't pinch anymore
  • Muscles therefore Relax
  • Spasms Disappear
  • Arms & Legs Move Smoothly
  • You won't get hurt when your body works hard, i.e. in Sport


How does working points on your feet help you? Because all your body systems reflect on your feet and are stimulated,

  • Your Digestive Functions Improve
  • Your Mood improves as your Hormonal System functions better
  • Your Blood Pressure Normalises
  • Your Mental Clarity Improves
  • You Feel Rejuvinated

Pressure Points

As we improve the flow from your spine to the rest of your body and your arms and legs, this removes blockages.

  • Headaches and Migraines Disappear
  • Tingling sensations  in Hands and Feet Disappear
  • Swelling Disappears as your Circulation Improves
  • Aches and Pains Disappear
  • Joint Stiffness is a thing of the past!


We use natural oils to massage your whole body. We prefer to do the whole body as everything works together and because imbalances along the spine causes muscles to tense up in other areas of the body too, this will sort them out before they start causing problems years down the line. In other words relaxing muscles that are chronically tense prevents them from causing circulation problems and joint degeneration in the future.

  • Your Muscles will Relax
  •  Your Joints will Move more Freely
  • Your Joints will no longer Ache or Pain
  • You will Sleep Better
  • You will Handle Stress Better
  • Muscle Aches and Pains will Disappear
  • You will be Calmer
  • You will Think Clearer
  • You will feel Recharged

Much more!

Because we work more in depth and address the causes of imbalances, aches and pains, the results are long lasting.

In one sense - we would like you to never need a treatment again!

Unfortunately we all have lifestyles that place an enormous amount of pressure on us both mentally and physically. That is why we usually suggest that most people would benefit from coming for a treatment once a month, minimum. It depends on how much stress you have to deal with in your life.

If you work in front of a computer all day and get no exercise, then you will suffer from tight neck and shoulder muscles and your lower back will probably cause problems too. The same if you have to drive a lot.

If you take part in sport it is a good idea to make sure that your back is in alignment as you will probably be putting your body under a lot of stress. If your back is slightly skew, or there are vertabrae out of alignment, the cushions in between will be pressing on a nerve and even though you might not have any pain right now, somewhere in the future it will cause problems as that nerve goes somewhere and now can't do its job properly!

If you've had a bump, fall or an accident, the chances are that your back will be out of alignment and it is a good idea to come for an alignment treatment as soon as possible to prevent further damage. Even if you think you're fine, if left, a pinching nerve can cause your body not being able to regenerate the area that it nourishes possibly even resulting in the deterioration of any joints in the area.

Wear and tear in the body is regarded as "normal" but the truth is our bodies have an incredible ability to regenerate and it is only when there is an interference in the normal working of its mechanisms, such as a nerve being pinched, tight muscles resulting in impaired blood circulation etc, that it starts to lose function and degenerate. If we therefore ensure that our alignment is always optimal and that we nourish ourselves with food that can be assimilated properly, giving us the building blocks necessary to replenish and nourish our cells, our bodies will renew themselves endlessly and not get "old" or "worn out". We are responsible for interrupting the normal processes that maintain our bodies and which then results in "wear and tear", whether physical, mental or emotional. So if that is so, it is possible for us to fix the things we do to bring us back to balance and optimal health.

Coming for an Alignment Treatment is one of the ways you can bring your body back into harmony and balance so that you can benefit from the built-in keep you healthy things it is capable of again!

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