What is Natural Health?

We live in a fast paced technological world where fast everything is the norm – instant global communication, fast foods, instant coffee…  Our bodies and minds struggle to cope with the associated stress.

Are you tired, in pain, stressed to breaking point?

Maybe it is time to consider that your body is exactly like your car.  Your car needs to be filled with the right octane of petrol, without impurities, needs to be serviced regularly – the filters, spark plugs and oil changed – and it can’t be driven on very bumpy roads without consequences, unless it’s a 4X4!

Your body functions in a certain way as well.  It needs the right nutrients to fuel it, lots of water to eliminate waste products and toxins, rest to perform these tasks and repair areas where damage has occurred and exercise to keep it functional.

Your body consists of natural systems, built from natural elements – it is a part of Mother Nature.  It has natural rhythms and is tuned to the cycles of Nature: day and night, lunar and seasonal.  It is structured to process natural raw products.  Breathing utilises air to extract oxygen.  Eating utilises food to extract useful nutrients to build tissues and perform millions of tasks throughout the whole body. Any changes in the quality of raw products – dirty air, food without the needed nutrients and energy values – cause imbalances.  These imbalances cause blockages.  The natural flow has been disturbed.  The natural health of the body has been compromised.

We live in an artificial world, out of sync and removed from Nature and expect our bodies to cope day after day, year in year out, with impure fuel – processed foods stripped of nutrients, fast grown foods lacking nutrients, lack of water, lack of adequate rest, lack of exercise and input of poisonous substances.  Our bodies have amazing abilities to adjust and regenerate, but after long periods of abuse, is it surprising that they collapse?

Do you know how your physical body works?  Are you looking after it?  Or do you just drive the car without checking the water and the oil and hope it lasts?

The natural health of your body depends on the quality of the food and water you give it.  To stay in balance, it needs natural food and water, exercise and rest – no artificial additives, no poisons to tax its elimination systems.  Simple. Natural.

Are you well?  In touch with your nature?  Do you live in sync with Nature?

Essence of Namo™ is a Natural Wholistic Alignment Healing Modality that integrates the healing arts of Spinal Care, Reflectology, Pressure Points and  Massage with Natural Organic Herbal Oils.  It focuses on restoring health by helping you to find the cause of pain, discomfort or dis-ease.  It treats you as an integrated whole, emotionally, mentally, and physically and stimulates all the body systems.  We set out a Wellness Programme for you, to assist you to re-align and re-balance –  Naturally!

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