Our Treatments

Signature Treatment

Our well-known, in-depth Essence of Namo™

Wholistic Alignment Treatment

Specialised Sports Massage

Preparation for Big Events

Support after Events

Sports Injuries

Full Reflectology Treatment

A full hour of getting your feet worked bliss



Additional Services

Additional Services

Digestive Improvement Programmes

Support for IBS, Bloating, Constipation, etc.

Coaching & Support

Return to Balance Lifestyle Programmes

Ideal if you have Heart or Cholesterol Problems

Coaching & Support

Weight Loss Programmes

Coaching & Support

Healthy Lifestyle Programme

Detox Programmes

Coaching and Support

One Month & Three Month Programmes

Nature Cure Consultation

15 – 30 minute Consultations
Get specialised guidance and advice on your specific problem

Rehabilitation Exercise Sessions

One-on-One Specialised Exercise Sessions

Adjusted to the Special Needs of the Client

Ideal for Strengthening & Stretching after Operations, Sport Injuries

Assists in Rehabilitating Joint Inflexibility

Spring Special Offers

We have some marvellous Discounts this September!

We are


  • Qualified Natural Health Practitioners
  • Specialists in Rehabilitation Exercise
  • Specialists in Strengthening Exercise
  • Experts in Breathing & Stretching Exercise

Our Skills

Natural Health
Tough Love
Mindful Exercise

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What our clients say

“You changed my life”

“I can lift my arm above my head again!”

“Thank you for helping my wife, she’s feeling so much better”

“If I die right now, I’ll go straight to heaven, balmed and all!”

“Have never had a problem with my back again”

“No more migraines! Thank you!”

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About us

Kelman and Marlene McPherson is a husband and wife team that run the Natural Health Centre in Worcester, in the breathtaking beauty of the Breederiver Valley in the Western Cape of South Africa.

We are both qualified Natural Health Practitioners. Kelman has been doing it for 35 years this year and Marlene for almost 20 years! We’ve been in Worcester for 18 years and have just moved our business to Barlinka Nursery on the edge of town - a quiet, peaceful and tranquil environment.

We've given thousands of treatments and have helped more than a 1500 clients on a regular basis to regain and retain health and balance. Our business has grown by word of mouth because our treatments work. We haven't been to a medical doctor ourselves for over 20 years. Our son (now a strapping lad of 22) grew up totally naturally, no innoculations, no allopathic drugs, just herbs and natural supplements.

We are both extremely passionate about helping people to help themselves and we look forward to meeting you and hopefully assisting you to become a better, more balanced, in harmony you!


Benefits of Getting a Treatment

What you Gain by Coming for a Wholistic Alignment Treatment Our full body Treatment is SO much more than just a massage, so it stands to reason that there will be more gained by coming for one! First of all, we focus on wholistic principles and treat you as a […]

What is Natural Health?

We live in a fast paced technological world where fast everything is the norm – instant global communication, fast foods, instant coffee…  Our bodies and minds struggle to cope with the associated stress. Are you tired, in pain, stressed to breaking point? Maybe it is time to consider that your […]

What is Essence of Namo™?

The human body is capable of healing itself of anything. Knowing how to activate the healing process is the key to this healing art. Health is the never ending re-balance of well-ness and ill-ness on our path to perfection. Essence of Namo™ is a Wholistic Alignment Modality Namo means Self […]

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